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Educating the Marketplace on the Benefits of Reflective Products

RIMA-I Testimonials

"Approximately 5 years ago I was confronted by RIMA-I on certain claims that our Company was making with respect to a certain application. At the time we were not members of the organization and after several meetings we realized that we could come to an amicable resolution that not only benefited us, but also the group. Over the years the technical support and Industry knowledge that we have gained by being members has been indispensable, to the pointed that I volunteered for the board of directors. This small organization brings tremendous benefit to those who really participate."

Michael Boulding
President, TVM Building Products

"RIMA-I is the only organization promoting, policing, and protecting the interest of the entire Reflective Insulation/ Radiant Barrier Industry. The progress I have seen RIMA-I accomplish over the last 10 years is enormous. Collective effort always achieves quicker and better results than singular labor. The return on investment cannot be measured. We welcome you!"

Dan Russell
President, Innovative Insulation, Inc.

"RIMA-I provides a forum for discussion and debate on critical issues affecting the industry as a whole. RIMA-I is a stronger voice versus individual companies in the marketplace. The meetings, committees, seminars and trade shows are an effective and functional way to allow reflective insulation and radiant barriers to compete on a national and global level. I would highly recommend any company on any level to come to a meeting and see first hand the tangible and intangible benefits of the Reflective Manufacturers Association has to offer."

Bill Lippy
Vice President/Sales & Marketing, Fi-Foil Company

"I joined in 1984 at the same time I got involved with ASTM. Reflectix felt that we needed to participate in growing the reflective insulation market. We believed that a strong trade association would be more influential than individual companies. RIMA-I has served the industry well and is growing in stature in the insulation community."

Monty Millspaugh
VP. Technical Service, Reflectix Inc.

"We joined RIMA-I because of exceptional research data that RIMA-I offers on reflective radiant barriers. RIMA-I's involvement in the reflective radiant barrier business will become more and more important to keep the industry forthright as consumers demand more energy efficient buildings. Martco believes that we can make a difference along with RIMA-I'S support, that's why we joined and support RIMA-I."

Bobby Byrd
Vice President Sales & Marketing, Martco Limited Partnership

"I am involved in RIMA-I because I believe that in promoting the best interests of the reflective industry, my company's best interests are best served."

Robert Wadsworth
President, Innovative Energy Inc.

"Our goal as a company that manufactures reflective insulation is to help people increase their comfort levels and lower energy consumption. RIMA-I helps us achieve our goal."

Rob Abramovitch
General Manager, Polyair

"The Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association membership is growing nationally and internationally because the technology's acceptance is growing. RIMA-I exist to educate the market place, and represent the members interest in establishing ASTM standards for testing and installation procedures. Being a member of RIMA-I allows our company to be involved, and updated on all current issues that face the Reflective Insulation Industry. The organization been shaped by many dedicated members and is certainly a reflection of all the years of hard work. Many of the existing RIMA-I member have been involved in the pioneering of our industry. With all of the work in which RIMA-I is doing on the behalf of its members not only helps to grow the industry, but to benefit and protect each and every member."

Donald L. Meyer
CEO, Insulation Solutions Inc.

"We joined RIMA-I to become acquainted with others in the industry. And to work with others to advance sales of industry products. It has been a worthwhile experience."

Jim Taylor
Energy Pillow, Inc.