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Educating the Marketplace on the Benefits of Reflective Products


The Challenge

To gain acceptance of reflective insulations, radiant barriers, and interior radiation coatings in a marketplace heavily dominated by mass insulation manufacturers. RIMA-I works with many organizations, societies, associations and governmental agencies to gain further acceptance of reflective products and to establish standards that promote their best use.

RIMA-I represents both manufacturers and marketing companies of reflective insulation, radiant barriers and interior reflective coatings.

RIMA-I is the only trade association that represents the interests of the reflective insulation, radiant barrier and interior reflective coatings industries around the world.

RIMA-I members provide leadership in the development of industry standards for reflective products.

RIMA-I offers members strength through unity on issues that confront the industry.

RIMA-I activities are guided by an active board of industry members that participate on national and local levels of building code organizations and governmental agencies.

RIMA-I is the most valuable resource in promoting your interests in the reflective insulation industry.