Welcome to the Advanced Building Code Coalition (ABCC)

The ABCC is an industry coalition formed by RIMA International to promote building codes that recognize the value of reflective building product technologies and ensure the fair treatment of these technologies.  This coalition is composed of RIMA-I members and other companies and individuals supportive of reflective technologies.  The primary guidance for the Coalition’s code work comes from RIMA-I’s Code Committee.

The Coalition has three primary objectives.  The first is to provide an avenue for non-RIMA-I members to financially support code efforts of interest.  The second is provide ongoing information about RIMA-I Code Committee actions.  The third is to provide general information about current or pending codes involving reflective technologies.

All monies contributed to the ABCC will be used exclusively to support reflective code work, i.e. code consulting expenses and product testing to support existing or proposed code language.

If you are interested in being part of the coalition, please contact Director Mary Edmondson at advancdedbuildingcodecoalition@gmail.com or by calling 844/807-7892.  If you are already a member, please enter your username and password below to access all current code activity and to find dates/locations for upcoming hearings and events.

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Upcoming Code Hearings/Meetings 2017:

October 2017 Committee Week
October 8 -11, 2017
New Orleans, LA
Sheraton New Orleans

December 2017 Committee Week
December 4 – 7, 2017
New Orleans, LA
Sheraton New Orleans