Verified Products

Reflective Insulation Manufacturers

RIMA International Verification Program

This program has been established to identify reflective products which have fulfilled test requirements in accordance with the current applicable code standards for each country.

Products are verified in one of the following five categories: reflective insulation, radiant barrier:vapor transmitting, interior radiation control coating (IRCC), facer materials or radiant barrier: vapor barrier. A third-party independent testing and inspection laboratory will determine whether a product’s physical properties comply with the appropriate standards. In order for a company to obtain approval on a category of products, all items within that category must be evaluated and deemed in compliance with current test standards. Technical data sheets, as well as websites containing test information, have been cross-checked for accuracy. (View a list of required tests for each category HERE)

Product verification is renewed annually with all required testing and the full verification procedure repeated every five years. All products will be labeled with a RIMA-I verification logo as shown in the sample above with a unique identification number (as shown in column one below)  that is comprised of: Country Code/Member Number/Product Category, see example.

NOTE: At this time, verification is only available for products sold/purchased in the United States; however, this program will continue to expand to include other countries in the future.

Reflective Insulation Products

Member/Product ID Product Name Company Expiration Date
US-001-10 RDB1 Reflectix, Inc. October 2018
US-001-10 RDBW3 Reflectix, Inc. October 2018
US-001-10 RSB3 Reflectix, Inc. October 2018
US-001-10 RSBW3 Reflectix, Inc. October 2018
US-003-10 Eclipse Reflective Housewrap (OSB) RoyOMartin January 2019
US-003-10 Eclipse Weather Resistant Barrier RoyOMartin October 2019
US-003-20 Eclipse Radiant Barrier Panel (OSB) RoyOMartin January 2019
US-010-10 ESD5 Prodex July 2018
US-006-20 NT Radiant Barrier Covertech February 2019
US-006-20 Ultra NT Radiant Barrier Covertech June 2019
US-009-20 LP TechShield LP Building Products November 2018
US-008-30 Lo/MIT-II Max SOLEC December 2018
US-012-10 VerSola ASBW Kennedy Insulation Group June 2019
US-012-10 VerSola ADBW Kennedy Insulation Group June 2019
US-012-10 VerSola ASBA Kennedy Insulation Group June 2019
US-012-10 VerSola ADBA Kennedy Insulation Group June 2019